Police horses deployed on hiking trails and parks by Islamabad Police

Police horses

The Islamabad Police have established a environment friendly “mounted patrolling unit”—policemen on horses—to protect citizens on the city’s hiking trails and parks. In the initial step the force is deployed in Margalla hills and Fatima Jinnah Park F-9 Islamabad.  In a city famed for its hills, greenery, and trees, the public has praised the initiative.

One of Islamabad’s most beautiful natural areas is its hiking trails, and the city’s administration has created six of the thirty or so paths in the Margalla Hills that have been designated for public use. Every day, hundreds of people use the trails for hiking and enjoyment, including ladies, kids, and foreigners.

The mounted patrolling squad was established on June 22 of this year, according to Islamabad police, and is presently active.

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Margalla was described as a national park whose management was vested in the chief commissioner and chairman of the Capital Development Authority by the office of the inspector general of Islamabad police. In coordination with the chief commissioner, the inspector general of police deployed the mounted patrolling team.

According to Beenish Uzair, an assistant superintendent of police, “We wanted to strengthen our security monitoring, therefore that’s why we came up with the concept of deploying a trained horses mounted squad for Margalla Hills and recreational areas like parks.”

Police visibility across the route will be improved. They can travel up and down the trail and up and down the mountain in a lot less time.

According to Uzair, police initially considered sending out a motorcycle patrol team before realizing it might be bad for the environment.

“Horses do not cause environmental disturbance. They won’t damage your plants, and they won’t wreck the landscape, the natural landscape, the policewoman assured. Even while on duty, the horse unit is protecting the entire natural environment, rather than enhancing the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Uzair responded to a query concerning visitors’ worries over potential assaults by wild creatures, such as leopards that reside on the trails, as a result of horses’ presence on the trails, by saying she was not concerned since horses will always be accompanied by well-trained police officials.

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Ahmed stated, “We are on patrol duty on Trails 5 and 3, as well as the F-9 park. “Whenever we get a call through 15 while on patrol, we move right away to get there and solve the problem.”

According to him, women’s harassment and the theft of purses and phones received the majority of complaints.

Regular Trail 5 user Dr. Ejaz Naseem praised the police officers’ presence as a “positive initiative” that will help stop criminal activity on the trails.

Police horses will undoubtedly stop illicit activity in these places, according to Naseem. There are also wild animals. Horses are the best choice for these trails because they can travel on them much more quickly than other vehicles like bikes can.

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