Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch canceled

Samsung will not launch the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone that was announced a few months ago. The reason could be the surprisingly good sales performance of another Samsung device.

It is currently reported that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has finally been canceled and will probably not be released. Samsung itself had hardly had any hopes for the model in the meantime and had already lowered possible sales figures significantly. When it was announced that only 10,000 models had been produced so far, it was a big disappointment.

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Was that it for good for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? The device has already encountered some delays, and the worldwide chip shortage has allegedly led to the device not being released in August as originally planned. Now, on Sunday, it read from South Korea, “We’ve canceled the online unboxing of the Galaxy S21FE scheduled for mid-October,” and said, “We’re reviewing the smartphone’s launch itself.”

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According to the report, there are two reasons why Samsung is thinking about canceling the device. The reason for the decision is said to be the strong sales performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3; the phone is reportedly selling far beyond Samsung “s expectations. The model uses the Snapdragon 888, and Samsung wants to use all the stock of that chip for the well-selling foldable, rather than the Galaxy S21 FE.

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