Saudi Arabia bans khutba and speeches via loudspeakers and live transmission of prayers

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has instructed mosques to ban live broadcasts of prayers and to keep the volume of loudspeakers down for the call to prayer.

According to Arab media, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has issued instructions to mosques in the context of Ramadan, according to which outdoor loudspeakers in mosques can be used only for Azaan and Iqamah.

Furthermore, the imam and those praying behind him are not able to be recorded by the mosque cameras.

The Saudi government has also instructed private individuals and organizations that provide iftar (food at the end of the fast) to avoid wasting food or spending money unnecessarily.

Employees at mosques across the kingdom are, moreover, banned from collecting donations for financing the iftar schemes.

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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah, and Counseling recently issued several directives to mosques in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.

Among the most notable directives is the prohibition on mosque takmirs raising funds for iftar programs. Organizations planning to hold an iftar program in Saudi Arabia must also seek approval from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah, and Counseling.

During Ramadan, the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs has also prohibited live broadcasts of prayers from mosques. The state-run press office, SPA, provided this information.

The ministry prohibited the use of cameras in mosques to film imams and worshipers during prayers. They also forbid live broadcasting (streaming) of prayers in any form of media.

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