Pakistani telemedicine Startup SehatKahani included in Forbes “Top 100 companies to watch”

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SehatKahani, a startup in the Pakistani healthcare industry, was just included in Forbes’ 100 Companies to Watch list. Forbes has hand-selected a few of the most successful startups in the Asian-Pacific markets for this list.

This time, the Forbes list placed a strong emphasis on the health sector, which explains the inclusion of SehatKahani. Each startup on the list provides a brief description of the work it has been doing, along with information about how well it has done so far over the past year or two during the pandemic.

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SehatKahani was established in 2017 by two doctors named Iffat Zafar Aga and Sara Saeed Khurram. Over the past several years, the company has worked hard to win its spot on the Forbes list. supported by significant financiers as 10Pearls Ventures, Elahi Group, Islamic Development Bank, etc.

Enterprises were added from a total of 15 Asian Pacific nations; Singapore, which has emerged as a corporate centre in recent years, has the most companies on the list.

It is difficult to meet the requirements, let alone be included on this list; a business must be privately owned, operate profitably, generate more than $50 million in annual revenue, and have investment of less than $100 million.

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After being selected, a business is evaluated and compared based on a variety of criteria, including revenue growth, regional impact, the potential to secure capital, business models, and, finally, a compelling narrative.

More than 220 million Pakistanis, who are the startup’s target market, lack access to high-quality healthcare, according to SehatKahani. Keeping this in mind, the startup’s goal is to link people in rural areas with excellent doctors, ensuring that everyone receives the healthcare they require.

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SehatKahani has so far achieved great success in its goal, and since its founding, the firm has handled more than 1.2 million medical consultations. The SehatKahani application is incredibly user-friendly and has extra features like medical history, cost-effective payment plans, and medication delivery.

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