Sindh government to ban old buses after start of the Bus Rapid Transport projects

Sindh Government has decided to ban all outdated and unfit bus operations after the completion of mass transit projects in Karachi. According to the Sindh government’s Information and transport minister, all old and outdated buses will not be allowed to operate on the roads.

Peshawar BRT is expanding its fleet with 86 news buses due to high usage

At a news conference at the Sindh Archives Department, Sharjeel Memon remarked, “This message was delivered to representative bodies of transporters in a meeting.” He went on to explain that he had offered carriers the chance to invest in the transportation sector and bring modern buses or join a consortium to receive the finances they needed and that the Sindh government would provide them with the required facilities, including subsidies.

Islamabad’s Orange Line Metro moves 11,000 passengers daily, needs 30,000 travellers to become subsidy free

Companies from the different bus manufacturing countries are asked to establish public transportation manufacturing plants in Sindh. “Our initial goal is to boost Pakistan’s public transportation business, which will create jobs and improve the local mass transit sector,” Memon explained.

According to the Provincial Minister, the Sindh People’s Intra District Bus Service began its trial run recently. This month, the People’s Bus Service will commence service in Karachi and Larkana. In June, the Abdul Sattar Edhi Orange Line would be open to the public, he said.

Pakistan’s first solar-powered (100 MW) metro terminal will be functional in April 2022

Green line bus project was recently inagurated while other bus rapid trasnport projects are in progree and will be launched soon. In a recent development all 20 buses for the project imported from China were eventually relocated to their depot, and the Orange Line Bus Service will be established very soon.

Karachiites would soon be able to use the service because both the project’s main tasks, civil works and bus availability, were virtually complete. Soon the different bus rapid transport services will be launched in Karachi.

Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport will be powered entirely by solar energy

The next target city will be Hyderabad, where cutting-edge BRTs will be installed as soon as the relevant paperwork is finished.

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