Suzuki sold over 15,000 vehicles in March despite price hike for 3rd time in six months

Suzuki vehicles

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) maintains a dominance in the local automotive market despite of the recent price hike for all its car models. According to a recent report, Suzuki Pakistan has sold over 15,100 vehicles in a month for the third time in a row. Suzuki Alto enjoys being the market leader by being the most sold car in Pakistan.

Suzuki is ruling the market because if its price range which is not in the affordable range any more but is considerably less in the market. Also the maintenance cost of Suzuki cars makes it the lion in the market. Recently Suzuki increased its prices but still it provides the favourite vehicles of the middle class families in Pakistan.

For the third time in seven months, the automaker sold 15,000 units in a single month. According to the report, the sales figures do not include the new Suzuki Swift which will have an impact in sales in upcoming months.

Suzuki Alto is the market leader as there is no other car for the price range in the market. Recently rumors spread that the United Alpha and United Bravo which were considered to be Suzuki Alto competitors are leaving the market. If it happens it will leave Suzuki Alto the most affordable car in the market for the upcoming years. Suzuki Alto’s ancestor Suzuki Mehran have ruled the most affordable car market for 30 years.

PSMC, with a relatively diverse lineup of small cars, is a top contender in Pakistan’s car market. It currently has a market share of more than 60% in the automotive sector, giving it an advantage over other manufacturers.

According to sources, PSMC is increasing production to meet rising demand for its vehicles and will continue to have the largest market share in the country due to its emphasis on economy cars.

Despite price increases, experts believe that demand for automobiles continues to rise. PSMC’s strong sales suggest that other automakers may have had similar results in the previous month.

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