Taking Amazing Photos Using Your Smartphone

Smartphone cameras have only gotten more remarkable in the past three years. Companies are upgrading photo resolution, integrating photos, adding more lenses, storage options, and adding more lenses that keep you clicking without fear of overloading your camera roll. We got you some awesome tips and tricks you can bring with you whenever you wish to play with your camera.

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Helpful Hints

Take advantage of these six fantastic photography tips and tricks:

Keep your phone stable (Use a tripod):

Ask for help from a tripod if you’re having trouble staying still.
If you want great shots that aren’t fuzzy or move around, you should learn how to use the photographer’s most important tool: the tripod.

Nothing, not even a steady hand, can match the versatility of a tripod when it comes to improving your photographic game. Being more imaginative with your photographs will be really beneficial to you. The self-timer works well with a tripod since it allows everyone to be a part of the picture. There will be no one left behind.

Low-light photography, long-exposures, light painting, time-lapse, and many more methods and photography styles are all possible with a tripod.

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Keep your camera clean:

This frequently necessitates some pre-shot cleaning. It is, according to fine art photographer Henry Oji, his first guideline. He advised that you wipe your phone’s camera lens before taking a picture.

Take multiple Pictures:

One of the most appealing aspects of smartphone photography is that you can take as many images as you like and see the results without having to print them. This makes realizing and improving your outcomes a lot easier.

Furthermore, burst photos are appropriate for usage when photographing with your cell phone. They allow you to take many photographs despite your subject’s mobility. After you’ve collected a number of burst photographs, you can choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

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What is your phone camera’s camability:

Begin by spending some time learning about the capabilities of your phone’s camera. Then look at how it concentrates and exposes to light in auto mode. This is usually done by lightly pressing the screen where you want it to focus, but it’s always a good idea to check.

Use Grid and Three-Fold Rule:

Never be afraid to experiment with the rule of thirds. You’ll find it simple and effective whether you’re taking a photo of your friends at a pub or a landscape photograph.

A photograph is divided into nine equal blocks that form a three-by-three grid using the rule of thirds. It’s best to aim for the most interesting sections of your photograph to be towards the corners of these pieces, where the gridlines meet.

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