The best earbuds in Pakistan for less than Rs. 3000

Oppo surprises us in an extremely positive way, also thanks to Dynaudio sound, the inexpensive Enco W11 now fits in our ears and promises powerful bass, clear sound and ultra-light listening pleasure – and that OPPO earbuds in Pakisatn for less than Rs.3000 available on

The scope of delivery is manageable: in-ears, charging case, USB-A-to-C charging cable (approx. 20 cm), three pairs of earpieces in S, M, L, as well as a multilingual quick start guide, which, however, has to do without German.

The charging case is pleasantly light at 35 grams and yet small enough to easily fit in any pocket, but it cannot be opened with just one hand. Equipped with a capacity of 400 mAh, the case is able to supply the small earphones with music for 15 hours, the total package finally comes to 20 hours of continuous sound – measured at a volume of 50 percent. Both the charging case and the in-ears need about 120 minutes each for a charging cycle. A quick charge function is not available. Thus, this model is more in the midfield in terms of runtimes. Those who are explicitly looking for long-lasting True Wireless in-ears will have to look around at the competitors. Speaking of endurance: Thanks to IP55, the headphones are protected against dust and water, so they can be used for sports activities without any problems. The low weight (approx. 4.3 grams per earpiece) and the small, inconspicuous design, which causes little to no pressure discomfort under caps, also contribute to this.

Technical Details:
OPPO earbuds available in Pakistan, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, pairing is quick, and we could only detect the first interruptions in the wireless path after about 30 meters in the open field; in closed rooms, the transmission remained stable even after changing floors through several walls. The binaural transmission, i.e. the simultaneous transmission and reception of signals from both earbuds, is positively noticeable here.

Codecs like aptX are not included, and the Enco W11 offers standard SBC and AAC. Multipoint is also missing, which means that the W11 only connects to one player at a time. If another device is to be paired, the Bluetooth of the first device has to be deactivated first. The Oppos then automatically go into pairing mode and thus clear the way for other devices.

The Enco W11s are controlled via touch fields on the earphones: play, pause, song forward and back, answer and hang up calls, as well as calling up digital voice assistants like Siri. However, the option to increase or decrease the volume via press and hold is by no means a matter of course in this price range. It also has to be said that the commands are only executed with a delay of about 1.4 seconds. Further configuration options, for example via app connection, are missing. This is reserved for the bigger siblings.

The Oppo Enco W11’s sound is rather tuned to a younger audience, which means: the frequency cellar is raised, thus tracks sound correspondingly thickened, whereas this radiates into the midrange with enough energy and masks important sound information accordingly. This results in a washed-out sound that lacks precision. This is not quite as noticeable with purely electronic music, but dense acoustic arrangements simply lack plasticity. The mids and highs seem subdued, which allows for hours of listening without fatigue – ideal for podcasts or other spoken content.

The virtual stage is quite small with these headphones, reverb tails and effects cannot spread out adequately, so many tracks seem cramped and crowded. This is okay for inexpensive casual listeners and should be sufficient for buses, trains or daily business. Those who place more value on sound, because they do not only want to consume it, but also enjoy it, will certainly have to make too many concessions here.

Finally, we rate the voice quality as good to satisfactory, since our voice is perceived somewhat muffled by the other party. Background noise is muffled accordingly, but was still clearly audible in our conversation partners.

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