Suzuki Alto 2021 Price in Pakistan

The bestseller car of Pakistan – SUZUKI ALTO!

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Suzuki Alto is the most searched car in Pakistan in 2021 and now Suzuki Alto is the bestseller car of Pakistan and it is not a surprise for most of us. Although the car prices have reached an extremely high range yet it is following the footsteps of its ancestor Suzuki Mehran being the best seller car for a record 30 years. Currently ranging between 1.4 million to almost 2 million. But because of some features and because of the low mileage the car is one of the favorite cars for middle-class families in Pakistan.

Suzuki Alto, the 9th generation, was released in December 2021. It features a boxy appearance and greater size. It is also likely to include a number of contemporary characteristics. It also has new engine options, including an in-line 3-cylinder naturally aspirated 660cc petrol engine in the base model and a mild hybrid system in the higher models. VX, VXR, and VXL are the three variations.

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The exterior of the Suzuki Alto

The boxy shape of the new Suzuki Alto features aerodynamic curves and lines. The vehicle has a visually appealing appearance. A new grille with sweeping vertical lines adorns the front of the Alto. The automobile features a sleek spoiler on the back that gives it a modern flair. Retractable mirrors are also included on the VXL model.

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Interior of the Suzuki Alto

The VX and VXR varieties of the new Suzuki Alto have a single-tone interior, while the VXL has a dual-tone interior. The vehicle boasts keyless entry, as well as a security system and immobilizer for further safety. The air conditioner is not available in the base model, but it is included in the VXR and VXL models.

Assist grips, cabin lighting, and two drink holders in the front and two in the back are included as standard equipment. Power windows are only available in the VXL model. The VX has a single-din audio system with no speakers, the VXR has a two-din audio system with two front speakers, and the VXL has an MP5 touch screen with two front speakers.

Dual airbags and a front seatbelt force limiter are standard on the VXR and VXL models, while all models include a high-mounted stop lamp, front disc brakes, childproof rear door locks, and central door locks. Low fuel warning bulb, accessory socket, door ajar warning light, and dial-type climate control are all displayed on the instrument panel.

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Engine Suzuki Alto

All variations of the 5-door vehicle have a 0.6 liter 658 cc engine. The VX and VXR models have a 5-speed manual transmission, while the VXL has an AGS transmission.

Mileage on the Suzuki Alto
The new Suzuki Alto is expected to get 16 to 20 kilometers per liter.

Maintenance of the Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is a well-known brand in Pakistan, known for its low-cost replacement parts. All mechanics are now well-versed in the vehicle’s repairing and maintenance skills. As a result, Alto’s upkeep is quite simple.

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Suzuki Alto Specs


0.6 liter 658 cc



VX and VXR – 5-speed manual transmission

VXL – AGS transmission

Suzuki Alto Pros & Cons


Parts availability

Exceptional fuel consumption

Easy and cheap maintenance


Poor build quality

No boot space

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