The first “Made in Pakistan” Proton X70 rolled out for reduced price

Proton Pakistan’s parent company, Al-haj Automotive, held a line-off ceremony to commemorate the country’s first locally-assembled X70. Due to the pandemic, the arrival of the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) unit was significantly delayed.

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The Proton X70 is “the first intelligent SUV” according to the company to be produced in Pakistan. Proton Pakistan was supposed to begin production of the Proton X70 in 2020, according to earlier plans but the pandemic delayed the process and progress. The pandemic, which was followed by a lockdown in Malaysia, caused the shipment of CKD kits as well as the supply of Completely Built Units (CBU) of the SUV and Saga to be delayed.

With the limitations gradually lessening, Pakistan got the necessary CKD kits and thus launched the country’s first locally manufactured Proton X70. “Al-Haj Automotive rolls out the first domestically manufactured Proton X70 from its state-of-the-art vehicle assembly plan, continuing to set it to industry standards in Pakistan,” according to the post on the company’s social media account.

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The fascinating part is that, thanks to the reduced federal excise charge, the CKD X70 will be available in Pakistan for roughly 100,000 Pakistani rupees (RM 2,375). Pakistan’s customs charge has also been cut from 7% to 2%. It will reduce the price of Proton X70 too making it more famous compared to the other SUVs.

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Proton Pakistan has also reassured customers regarding the quality of the locally produced SUVs, stating that “quality procedures have been in place to ensure that the CKD units have the same quality as CBU vehicles.” In addition, the Proton X70 has the same specifications and features as before.

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