The lives of transgender people in Pakistan


Transgender community is the most neglected section of Pakistani society. They are being discriminated on the basis of their gender. They are facing violence discrimination and stigma.

In Pakistan transgender, known as the Khawaja Sira, have waited for their civil individual and their fundamental rights in every sector for so long. People of Pakistan have entered into 21 century but their minds are floating at the lowest ebb of human rights.

In the past, transgender were given special status in the palaces of monarchs and influential people. People were trying to get their prayers. But nowadays they are being labelled as Hijra community.

Ayesha Gul from Swabi, appointed first female AIG Gender Equality in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police

Their natural deprivation has become an abuse for them. Let alone even their parents are not ready to accept them. Instead of harnessing their talent they have been pushed to the pool of criminals. Transgenders have become one of the marginalized section of Pakistani society.

Things are changing

However, their situation is getting better with the passage of protection of rights bill in Pakistan. They were given the right to express their gender identity in their CNIC passport and licenses that makes Pakistan one of only 12 countries in the world that recognises their identity on national ID cards.

According to this act, no one will be allowed to ban transgenders in any work place or educational institution. For the first time in the country’s history, Sehat Insaf Card facility is launched for the transgender community.

But it is just like a pinch of salt in the flour. So much still needs to be done to ensure they have a civilised and just life. Transgender should be given quotas in different sectors, job security should be given to them. Steps that will facilitate their education should be taken.

Civil and military forces should open their doors for them. Only then we will be able to see many successful faces from the transgender community like Ayesha Mughal (represented Pakistani UN as a part of official delegation in 2020), Nisha Rao (first transgender to obtain a law degree in Pakistan) and Sara Gill (first transgender doctor in Pakistan).

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