The most affordable cars in Pakistan

Purchasing a car at a reasonable price in Pakistan is a difficult undertaking. Automobiles have become more expensive, and one’s budget is no longer as large as it once was.

Here is a list of the most affordable cars in Pakistan. Starting from Rs. 1 Million upto 1.5 Million.

Most Fuel Efficient Japanese, Imported Cars (660) in Pakistan

United Bravo

United Automobiles is a well-known brand and in 2018, the firm debuted its first-ever locally manufactured 800 cc United Bravo automobile. It’s steadily gaining traction in the local market, owing to its lower maintenance costs.

United Bravo

It was first presented as a rival to Mehran. With widely available spare components from the market, it also averages above 15 kilometers per liter in terms of fuel economy. In Pakistan, the hatchback costs less than PKR 1 million.

Prince Pearl

In Pakistan’s domestic auto market, Prince just launched its first-ever hatchback. The 800 cc Prince Pearl is another excellent option for individuals on a low budget. It also costs roughly PKR 1 million and provides excellent value.

Prince pearl

Prince Pearl has a fuel consumption of more than 15 kilometers per liter. The hatchback’s parts are also readily available in the local market when it comes to maintenance.

Most Fuel Efficient cars in Pakistan (660 cc)

United Alpha

United Alpha has been released in Pakistan and is one the most affordable car in Pakistan. The current United Alpha Price in Pakistan 2022 is PKR 12,59000, with this vehicle available for purchase at the showroom. On the other hand, this vehicle is completely distinct from others, and it has received a fresh facelift. The car is a good competitor to Suzuki Alto but it is not yet competing to Alto as a favourite car of the consumers.

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United Alpha

Suzuki Alto

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto is likewise an entry-level hatchback and is and affordable car in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki first released it last year with a 660cc engine. Prior to this model, the Alto was available with a 1000 cc engine, making it one of the most cost-effective automobiles in the country. In terms of maintenance and fuel usage, both of these models may be considered affordable.

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Suzuki Alto 2021

The all-new 660 cc Alto boasts a remarkable average of more than 20 kilometers per liter, making it a popular choice among consumers. Spare parts are also widely accessible at Suzuki’s authorized 3S dealerships and in the local market. In Pakistan, the basic form of the new Alto costs more than PKR 1.3 million.

Suzuki Wagon R

Moving up to the 1000 cc hatchback segment, the Suzuki Wagon R is another decent option with low maintenance expenses. Its parts are widely available on the local market, however they are more expensive than those for tiny hatchbacks.

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Suzuki Wagon R

Wagon R, on the other hand, has incredible fuel economy and is one of the affordable car in Pakistan. It has a mileage 15 km per liter in the city and over 18 km per liter on a long journey. It can comfortably accommodate 5 people for commuting in the city, thanks to the large cabin area. However, the hatchback is now much more expensive, starting at over PKR 1.5 million.

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