Things to do if you are stranded in your car in a snowstorm.

On Saturday, at least 21 people were killed after their cars were stopped on snow-covered roads going to a renowned vacation town just outside of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Soldiers rescued individuals from at least 24,000 vehicles stranded near the hill station town of Murree due to heavy snow, according to officials. Blankets and food were supplied to other snowbound vehicles and their passengers.

The severe snowfall in Murree and Pakistan’s northern regions was expected no later than Jan. 5, according to the country’s meteorological department, and arrived as part of a bigger wave of cold weather affecting the region, including the Indian side of the Himalayas.

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Imagine yourself stopped in a whiteout snowfall and being unable to drive any further; do you know how to survive being trapped in your automobile during a snowstorm?

If you’re confined in your automobile in severe weather conditions, whether with people or in a remote location, you’ll need to know how to get through the storm safely. Here are some suggestions for how to wait out in a snowstorm in your automobile.

Things to do if you find yourself stranded in a snowstorm?

  1. Don’t leave your car unattended. Stay still if you are unable to move or if you are unsuccessful in getting your vehicle unstuck. An automobile provides excellent protection. Unless you know there is a building nearby, stay in your car to be safe.
  1. Use your cellphone to contact the authorities. If you have a phone, use your GPS to identify your location and alert authorities where you are and who is with you before your battery expires.
  2. Put on All the available clothes to trap and conserve body heat.
  3. Ensure that you are visible to rescuers. Use a colorful piece of fabric.
  4. Clean out the exhaust pipe on a regular basis. You should operate your engine on a regular basis, since allowing it to clog could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Gas should be used cautiously. You should start your engine to prevent your battery from dying and your fuel line from freezing. 
  6. Periodically move around in the car to keep blood flowing in the body.
  7. Put on the garments and blankets in your vehicle to keep warm. You can also utilize whatever materials you have in your automobile to seal up unused areas and try to insulate the windows.

Where are you going, plan accordingly.

Before going any place, you should carefully assess the level of risk posed by the driving circumstances. And you should weigh the importance of your trip. Always check for winter advisories and know what radio station the weather channel is on. You should also keep some winter tools and materials in your car so that if you do need to venture out, you’ll be prepared in case you get trapped.

  1. Bring a wool blanket with you; it will keep you warm in the cold.
  2. You should wear extra boots since your feet may freeze.
  3. Bring extra gloves, hats, and scarves.
  4. Extra batteries and/or a portable phone charger
  5. Snow brush, shovel, and ice scraper (two, one with a long handle and the other with a short, portable version).
  6. A good flashlight with additional batteries, hazard triangles, and LED flasher lights
  7. Snacks, plenty of water, and something to occupy your time, such as cards or a game
  8. You should evaluate, refresh, and update your first aid kit on a regular basis.
  9. Jumper cables are useful if your battery dies and you need to get a jump start.

Once the storm has passed, listen to the radio and assess the road conditions to determine whether it is safe to go. The most crucial piece of advice we can provide you is to always be prepared and to make sure that driving is safe. Take on the winter weather by having your vehicle mechanically prepared at Bockman’s Auto Care now that you know how to endure being stuck in your car during a snowfall.

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