Toyota Pakistan has set a new monthly record by selling 7,132 cars in March

Toyota cars

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has set a new monthly record, selling 7,132 vehicles in March 2022, breaking its previous record of 7,001 cars sold in October 2021. Toyota has set a monthly sales record three times in the last eight months, which is impressive.

Toyota IMC has experienced tremendous growth in its 25 years of excellence in manufacturing and marketing Toyota vehicles in Pakistan. The current sales are the highest since the company’s inception in 1993, for which the company has expressed gratitude to its loyal customers.

Furthermore, as customer demand for new products has grown over the years, the company has made significant investments to increase capacity in order to meet customer demand. Toyota is one of the market leader and is famous for its reliability and affordable maintenance of cars making it one of the favourite brand in Pakistan.

Toyota plans to roll out locally assembled hybrid electric vehicles in Pakistan by 2024

It’s interesting to see Toyota posting record-breaking sales despite consecutive car price increases. In general, car prices in Pakistan are at an all-time high and all the car brands have increased their prices.

Toyota Corolla prices range from Rs. 37.5 to 46.9 lacs, Toyota Yaris prices range from Rs. 29 to 35 lacs, Toyota Fortuner prices range from Rs. 95 to 121 lacs, and Toyota Hilux prices range from Rs. 70.6 to 93.2 lacs. The recent price hike will have its impact on sales which will be visible in the upcoming days.

Kia and Toyota suspended new car bookings due to dollar hike

The 7,000+ sales figure might be because a large number of bookings were delayed due to Covid pandemic. Now that situation is getting better all over the world, business are also getting back to normal hence the record sales per month are getting recorded.

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