Ufone ranks best in PTA’s mobile quality of service benchmarking test while Telenor gets lowest score

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has conducted a second nationwide Network Performance Score (NPS) QoS Benchmarking Campaign across the country to analyze the quality and performance of mobile networks using the current NPS methodology.

Quality of service (QoS) is the description or measurement of a service’s overall performance, such as a telephony or computer network, or a cloud computing service. The focus of QoS is to focus on how consumers perceive that performance.

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Several factors of the network service are frequently evaluated when quantifying quality of service. The key indicators are packet loss, bit rate, throughput, transmission latency, availability, jitter, and so on.

A total of five cities, four towns, and four highways/highways were surveyed, with over 15,000 voice calls and 45,000 data tests conducted.

According to a news release issued by PTA on Monday, the Quality of Service (QoS) test included a 4,522-kilometer area that included cities, towns, and roadways in federal and provincial capitals.

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The NPS standard was used to analyze Voice and Data Service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The following is a summary of the findings: In the Voice Services category, all CMOs scored between 64 and 80 percent NPS, with Ufone taking the lead. The best Voice Success Ratio was achieved by Ufone and ZonG.

In the total benchmarking campaign, Ufone had the highest score, while ZonG came in second, followed by Jazz and Telenor. Ufone, ZonG, Jazz, and Telenor had NPS scores of 634, 541, 503, and 384 points, respectively.

Ufone has the best overall Network Performance Score, with a total of 600 points and a substantial lead of 93 and 131 points above ZonG and Jazz, who are in second and third place, respectively. With the lowest score, Telenor is ranked fourth.

Ufone has the best voice service, followed by ZonG, Jazz, and Telenor. The two leading operators’ total voice performance is excellent, scoring more than 315 points out of a possible 400.

In comparison to other CMOs, Ufone additionally provides the best Data Service in this campaign. Ufone, on the other hand, has a good overall data performance while the rest have a terrible one.

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