Upcoming Cars in 2022 in Pakistan

New Year brings new cars and SUVs in Pakistan. In the past couple of years new brands have entered the Pakistan market and have already gained fame because of the competition and the new features.

Upcoming SUVs in 2022 in Pakistan

New cars are entering the market to compete and capture their share in the Pakistan Automotive Market.

Honda Civic 11th Gen.

Honda CIVIC 11th Gen

The new Civic’s first unit has arrived in Pakistan from Thailand. The company is most likely working on the next-generation model for our market. The new car expected to launch in Pakistan soon.

Honda Civic 11th Gen. set to be launched in Pakistan in June 2022

The Civic X was released in Pakistan nine months after it was released in the United States and four months after it was released in Thailand. It has been a few months since the car was officially launched in both markets; it is safe to say the next generation Honda Civic will be available in 4 to 6 months. It is expected in June 2022.

Toyota Corolla 12th Gen.

The 12th generation Corolla has been on the market for 2.5 years in overseas regions. The vehicle made its global debut in late 2018, but it has yet to make its way to the United States. The new car expected to launch in Pakistan soon.

Toyota Corolla

In 2022, the latest Toyota Corolla, the 12th generation, will also be available. That isn’t all, though. The major news is that for the first time, we’ll be getting a hybrid Corolla.

Toyota says investing $100 million to locally produce hybrid electric vehicles in Pakistan

We have all heard how important hybrid vehicles are to Toyota. The firm is increasing its hybrid model selection, and the new Corolla for Pakistan will be one of those models.

We believe Toyota Indus is preparing the framework for the launch of the 12th generation hybrid Corolla in the Mid of 2022.



A test model of this vehicle was imported by MG Motors a few months ago. The unit has been transported across the country by the corporation. At the moment, the test unit is on display at Packages Mall in Lahore. The new car expected to launch in Pakistan soon.

MG Motors Pakistan unveiled fully-electric MG Marvel R SUV in Pakistan

There are three trim levels for the MG GT: base, mid, and top. The imported test unit is the Mid variation. It received a first-look review from us. The MG GT, like all previous MG models, will be imported as a CBU. The automobile will make its public debut in December 2022.

Suzuki Swift 4th Gen

Yes, after 11 years, we will finally have a new Suzuki Swift generation. The old 1st generation Swift has already been phased out, and Pak Suzuki is gearing up to unveil the latest 4th generation model. The new car expected to launch in Pakistan soon.

The most searched car of 2021 – SUZUKI ALTO!

Suzuki Swift’s fourth generation debuted in March 2017 and will be upgraded in 2020. We will, according to reports, get the pre-facelift model. The 4th Generation is launched internationally but still not in Pakistan. It is expected to launch in Mid of 2022.

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