US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD Scholarship Program – Eligibility Criteria, Steps to Apply and other important details.

The United States and Pakistan formed a Working Group on Education, Science, and Technology (ESTWG) During a meeting between the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the President of the United States in June 2015, the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue reviewed the proposal to construct a US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor.

Steps to Apply for the US PhD Scholarship:

  1. Under the “US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor,” HEC offers applicants the opportunity to pursue PhD courses at top US universities. Interested applicants should apply online using the following link:
  2. New User Registration:
  3. Please visit to register.
  4. Fill out the available form on the above-mentioned website to create a profile for a first-time user.
  5. For new users, click ‘Register’ and complete the instructions below:
  6. You’ll be asked to create a user ID by entering your CNIC (without the dashes) and choosing a password.
  7. Create an account and fill out all of the essential fields on the screen.
  8. For the next step, click and get a ‘Mobile Code’ on your specified mobile number. (MNC / Ported numbers are currently not supported.)
  9. Enter the code after receiving it on your phone.
  10. Click Send Code after entering your email address. A code will be sent to the email address you supplied.
  11. Please provide a valid email address.
  12. Verify the code and click the submit button.
  13. You will be successfully registered. For further information, please check your email.
  14. On the HEC portal, you must first create a ‘User ID’ and a ‘Password,’ then ‘Sign in.’
  15. Section by section, fill up your online profile at
  16. On the left ‘Navigation,’ click ‘Scholarships and Grants,’ then ‘US-PAK Knowledge Corridor Application.’
  17. Now, follow the instructions, fill out the form, and submit it successfully.

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Eligibility Criteria for US PhD Scholarship

  1. Pakistani/ AJK nationals
  2. Minimum 4 years bachelor’s degree (B.S/B.Sc./B. E (16 years formal education))
  3. Maximum two 2nd Divisions and no 3rd Division in entire academic career. However, in case of Category – I & II (Admission in top 50 and 300 QS) Scholarship, maximum one 2nd Division in entire academic career is acceptable.
  4. Maximum age on the closing date shall not exceed:
    1. 40 Years in case of regular faculty members of Public Sector Universities/ Govt Colleges and Researchers of approved/registered R & D Organizations
    2. 35 Years in all other cases
  5. Must not availing any other Scholarship.
  6. Those having Ph.D. Degree are not eligible.

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Specific Requirements for the US PhD Scholarship(CV format etc)

A complete application (CV) should have the following components

Item —Name: It is very important that you list your name exactly as it appears (or will appear) on your passport.

Item—Education: Mention the field of study most appropriate to your study objective. Institutions: Please list all post-secondary institutions attended in reverse order (putting the most recently attended first). Enter you GPA (percentage) for each level of qualification

Item—Work Experience: Please select the position title which best describes the activity in which you are currently (or most recently) involved and all previous experiences.

Item—Study/Research Objective: The study/research objective description that you provide is an essential and highly important part of your application. You should take great care to write a clear and very detailed description of the program you want to pursue.  Clearly identify the area(s) within your field of study in which you want to specialize or concentrate. If there is a specific research that you want to accomplish, please describe it

Item—Personal Statement: The personal statement is a narrative statement explaining what is special, unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story. It may include details of your life (personal or family problems, history, people or events that have shaped you or influenced your goals), explain your interest in the field you propose to study, and demonstrate that you are well suited to this field. It should also touch on your career plans and your purpose in applying for study in the U.S.

Note: Please review your application thoroughly before submission. Attach readable copies of the required documents.

Scholarship distribution of the US PhD Scholarship

Category I – Scholarship (Admission in top 50 QS World Ranked US University)

*Fully funded (Except stipend and Health Insurance which is at par with Category -II. Initial Settlement allowance is not offered) 

*subject to approval

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Category II – Scholarship (Admission in top 300 QS World Ranked US University)

  1. Stipend/ Living Expenses               USD 19,200/- Per Annum
  2. Health Insurance                          USD 2,000/- Per Annum (As per actual)
  3. Tuition and Fee                       (Up to)  USD 12,000/- Per Annum
  4. Return Air Ticket                            PKR 250,000/- Per Annum (Once in scholarship tenure)
  5. Total Around $35000 per year

Category III – Scholarship (Admission in designated US University along with tuition waiver)

  1. Initial Settlement                           USD 5,000/- (Once in entire period of scholarship)
  2. Stipend/ Living Expenses                USD 19,200/- Per Annum
  3. Health Insurance                            USD 2,000/- Per Annum (As per actual)
  4. Return Air Ticket                            PKR 250,000/- (Once in scholarship tenure)
  5. Total Around: $28000 per year

Important Information for Applicants

  1. All applicants must demonstrate a willingness to serve in Pakistan after completing their education.
  2. The funding will be available for a maximum of five years.
  3. At the time of application submission, HEC attested documents are not required. Those who are shortlisted will be requested to produce certified documentation from the HEC at a later date. Applicants are encouraged to save the completed application form for their records.
  4. At any point during the program, misstatement or misrepresentation of information on the application form might result in disqualification or cancellation of the scholarship grant.

For correspondence, please use this address.

Project Management Unit (PMU)

US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor

HRD Building, 13 B/ 11

Commission on Higher Education (HEC)

Islamabad, Sector H-8.

Agreement Documents to submit if you get selected:

You can find the agreement documents that are required to apply for this scholarship on the HEC website page:

List of Universities:

You can find the list of universities where you can study after availing the scholarship on HEC website page.

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