USB-C charger for Apple? EU rules to force USB-C chargers for all phones

How does the EU Commission want to proceed?

EU wants to standardize the phone chargers and if that happens, USB-C should become the general standard for the sockets in the devices, as the authorities said in advance. In addition, customers will no longer be required to buy a power supply unit if, for example, they buy a new cell phone. If it happens Apple will use USB-C chargers for all its products. Among other things, this is what the EU Commission intends to propose in a draft directive, which the EU states and the European Parliament will then have to negotiate. With this demand, however, the Commission is lagging behind the market trend because Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers are now delivering their smartphones without a power supply unit.

iPhone 13 is here, an identical twin of the iPhone 12

Which devices should use USB-C and why USB-C?

The specifications should apply to six device categories, as it was said. In addition to cell phones, these include tablets, headphones, speakers, portable consoles and cameras. On the one hand, standardized charging sockets make it much easier for consumers because they need fewer different cables. On the other hand, it should also avoid huge amounts of electronic waste because it is obvious that uniform charging cables will help to avoid unnecessary waste.

Apple iphone 13 vs Samsung S22

Why is Apple reluctant to standardize?

Apple wants to keep its Lightning connector, which is currently installed in all iPhones, but also in some tablet models such as the current iPad 9 or AirPod headphones. In the beginning, the main thing was that with Lightning extremely flat devices could be built to be dust- and waterproof, which would not have been possible with micro-USB. In the meantime, however, there is a viable alternative with USB-C, which is also used by Apple in some cases. The more expensive iPad models already have a USB-C socket. Apple has also abandoned the proprietary MagSafe connection in favor of USB-C for laptops (MacBooks). When it comes to power supplies – which can be separated from the charging cables – USB-C is used anyway, argues Apple.

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