Whatsapp Updated: Features everyone was waiting for

WhatsApp updated with the most amazing and long-awaited features that would interest every user. Whatsapp brings three new features to the messenger.

If you use Whatsapp on your computer in the browser, you might have missed the option to edit pictures on your smartphone. The Meta subsidiary has now improved this and introduced a desktop photo editor.

This not only allows photos to be cropped or rotated. Users can also add text or stickers to their photos.


WhatsApp updates:

Whatsapp updated with more sticker innovation and link previews are added in the new update making it even better to use both on mobile phones as well as WhatsApp web.

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Keyword sticker:

Here there is another innovation for Whatsapp on smartphones. Emojis will no longer be suggested alone, but stickers matching the context will also be displayed when you type in certain words in search of suitable message accessories.

Preview of websites, video and photos:

On smartphones and the like, there will be previews of websites, videos or photos in the form of small images in the future when you have been sent a link – so that you know roughly what to expect after the URL tipper. Users are already familiar with link previews from the competitor messenger Signal, among others.

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