Will Prime Minister Imran Khan be able to survive the political crisis?

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan conducted a big public gathering in Islamabad on the 27th of March at what experts believe is the most defining moment of Pakistan’s political history. This rally was organized after the decision of no-confidence motion against the sitting prime minister by opposition.

According to cell phone data traffic analysis more than 6 lac unique cell phone devices were connected with Islamabad’s bts access points at the time of jalsa.

This sitting stage of millions of people is very important for Khan to show his public strength in the amidst of moving no-confidence motion against him by opposition.

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String of reasons are cited for oppositions move to oust Khan such as economic mismanagement, alleged corruption among senior government ministers, failure to address problems at the constituency level and, most recently, Khan’s aggressive rhetoric against party dissidents.

This alliance is made up of different political parties including Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and jamiat ulema-e-islam (JUI). This means that if 172 members of National Assembly by any-means votes against Imran Khan then Khan will have to step down.

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Considering a strong probability of ousting, PM Imran decided to show his political strength before a motion of no-confidence vote. Khan also warned that he is going to get more dangerous if it really happens.

However, dissenting voices are also raising with in the ruling PTI. Small allies of PTI are also showing its inclination towards opposition. Many observers believe that the fate of Khan is directly related with his understanding with of Pakistan’s all powerful military. Whatever the outcome is, it is inevitable that Pakistan is moving towards another political crisis.

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